The owner of Litsianski Island and creator of what she hopes is to become an international power.


For the purposes of this game, Litsianski Island is owned by a woman known to you as Bianca Litsianki, though it is doubtful that her surname comes from the island’s namesake. She quite obviously comes from a family with money but appears to be the only familial “civilian” on her island. There is a manor with many rooms and she often entertains people from around the world in her home. The manor itself is very green and she takes care not to disturb the island’s delicate ecosystem that is keeping several endangered species from extinction. She realizes that doing otherwise would be perilous to her ability to maintain her land without interference from another governing body. (It is still US land.)

On the surface and to the world she is a philanthropist and focuses on the animals that inhabit the area near her home including many species of birds and reef dwelling creatures as well as the ones that migrate to and from her home over the course of the year. She maintains a small area for researchers should they choose to stay away from her home to work but she has been known to dismiss people permanently should they do something of which she disapproves.

To you, her hired and as she tends to put it, “most valuable aides,” she seems to have other plans. People who get to close to the truth have sometimes needed to be removed and she seems to have her fingers in many jars, gaining influence in some very coveted circles. There are several floors of barricaded subterranean areas that are exclusively kept up by people helping her work on gaining these influence. She offers exquisite lodging and access options to a large network of information to those she employs. It is very rare that anyone who makes it into her good graces wants to leave. The few that have, usually leave for some sort of exquisite beach retirement.


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